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The Edge is founded and led by Robert Woolley, a Queen Anne’s County resident who is passionate about serving his local community. For the last 10+ years, The Edge has led a variety of programs for young people in Queen Anne’s County, including support for after-school and summer PFY programming in a variety of ways. Next year, The Edge will lead menu programming at the four middle schools and two elementary schools who have participated in past years.


Going forward, we still need your help to make these programs successful! In order to be sustainable, there are a few key changes for you to know:

  • Lead teacher and site coordinator compensation will be $35/hour. Support instructor compensation will be $25/hour.

  • Program length will change to 9 weeks per session. We will expand the number of weeks per session if fundraising is successful. 

  • Sports Programs: All sports programs offered this year (basketball, soccer, and track & field) will continue to be offered next year

  • Theater: Theater after-school programs will be offered at all four middle schools (vs. three of the four middle schools last year). Each theater program will have one lead teacher and one support instructor. We will expand the number of support teachers if fundraising is successful.

  • Student transportation will not be offered as part of PFY programming. This year bus transportation was underutilized at most schools. We hope to offer transportation at Sudlersville Middle in partnership with the Sudlersville Elementary 21st CCLC program. In addition, transportation to Middle school sporting events is being explored as additional funding is secured.

  • Clubs: Each school will have three clubs operating one day per week. The type of clubs will be determined by the interest of students and available teachers. Each club will have a lead instructor. More clubs will be added if fundraising is successful. 


Thanks to all of the teachers who have helped PFY run so successfully at these schools in the past. These programs would not be here were it not for your excitement and passion – both for the activities you ran and the students you taught.

We are so excited to learn from you and work with you to continue offering engaging, high-quality OST programming to our students. If you’re interested in becoming a part of the OST program at QACPS next year, please fill out our short interest form to help inform our planning:

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