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October Update

On October 1st we partnered with Not My Child for their annual Anthony's Run event. We had over 50 volunteers, more than half of those being high school students! This amazing event brings awareness to the opioid and heroin crisis we are facing. We were proud to support this event!

The Foundation partnered with The Edge to bring a teaching moment to Kent Island Elementary School. Pre-school students were taught about health and wellness through a fun game and craft. We enjoyed bringing this opportunity to our community and bringing smiles to the kids faces!

Check out these awesome shirts created for QACHS and KIHS students! The foundation designed and supplied these shirts as an incentive for students who display exceptional characteristics within the school and their community. We are so happy with how these turned out!

Another successful lunch and serve at Kent Island High School! Students made over 100 friendship bracelets for elementary school students to show that a "big kid" is looking out for them and to stay strong and positive! The Interact Leadership Cohort is making a huge impact on our community.


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