The New Year Jingle

With the New Year upon us, you are inevitably going to be solicited from every angle known to man for attention on yourself. We urge you to place the advertisements aside and make an attempt to find your very own "center." The place that makes you happiest is where you will find the best version of yourself. Think of your New Years "Resolution" as nothing more than a reset button that allows you to find the place that puts you back on track.

If a gym is what is calling you, do your own research rather than being subject to all of the advertisements. If you find yourself looking in our direction, we would be happy to have you.  If you need added attention on your path to your happy place, we are here to support.  Personal, small group, class settings are all available here at The Edge. Here to serve you in your mission for greatness...The Edge Training Academy.


The Edge • 112 Log Canoe Cir, Stevensville, MD, 21666 • Directions • (443) 249-3133

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• At The Training Academy we aim to provide our clients with the necessary resources to engage in the preparation, performance and recovery as it pertains to physical fitness. 

• At The Arena  when it comes to the field of play, we take pride in having the resources for you to grow and thrive to reach your potential.​ 

• At The Giving Foundation, in the spirit of the game we proudly create opportunities for the youth of the community through our 501c(3) non-profit organization.

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