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In Their Words

       "The Edge Training Academy is an invaluable asset to the local community. Athletes of all ages and experience levels receive top-notch personalized training to help them excel on and off the field. The coaches and trainers truly care about your progress towards your goals and constantly challenge you to be the best you can be both in your athletics, and your life." -Matthew McCarthy


Jordyn Frew,

Fresno State Alumni

Division I Women's Lacrosse

"There is no other gym that I found that makes you feel like you're family when you walk through the doors. At the end of the day, I want a gym that gives me access to tools that push me and make me feel like a Division I athlete again. The Edge has done that for me and I am so grateful to be a part of The Edge fam!"

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Rachel Aus

Jacksonville University

women's lacrosse

"I've been at The Edge for almost 3 years now and I've changed completely. From my footwork to my stick skills and mind set I have grown immensely. Not only have I noticed it but my coaches have too. The Edge has given me the confidence that I needed to excel on the field. Going into my Junior year as a Division 1 athlete I feel prepared for what is to come thanks to Coach Woolley pushing me in the gym both mentally and physically."

Zac Davliakos

Loyola University

division I men's lacrosse

"The Edge to our family was more than just a work out facility. Two years ago we were looking for a personal trainer that could take our son to the next level in physical endurance. Not only did Coach Woolley make Zac have physical goals to achieve but mentally Coach got Zac ready for each game.  There is no doubt in our minds that Coach Woolley helped Zac achieve his goal of playing Division I Lacrosse.  Go Greyhounds!"

Sam Bauer

Jacksonville University

Women's Lacrosse

"As a defender for my program I am required to have great footwork, speed, and change of direction. This is my last season so I wanted to insure that I was coming into my last semester in the best shape and the fastest I have ever been. I also wanted to set an example to all the other girls on my team to what the standard should be for playing at the D1 level. Upon my return to school during our speed testing I dropped significant time in all areas of straight away running as well as agility tests."



Owner of Eastern Shore Basketball Academy and Miller Family Athletics

"The Edge is a place that makes you want to 'Win the Day' every time you enter the building. 'Where Passion meets Performance' is not just a saying at The Edge, it’s the reality. The passion that Eastern Shore Basketball Academy has is able to flourish here. Energetic atmosphere, clean environment, and great location; what are you waiting for? Get in here already and train to be unstoppable!"


Omarr Smith

Head Coach & General Manager of Baltimore Brigade

“I have had the pleasure to work side by side with Robert Woolley and the Edge Arena staff over the past two years. Robert and his staff have been exemplary in their approach to partnership. They are continuously willing to work hand and hand with us to maximize productivity and accommodate our needs. They put people first and it shows every day during interactions. Building authentic working relationships is important to them. They make every effort to embrace new clients and make their business partners feel at home and welcomed. They are definitely a one of a kind business and even better people. During my time working with them, I have nothing but admiration and respect for Robert Woolley and all the wonderful people at The Edge!”




JP Dalton- Loyola U. Men's Lax National Champion- Charlotte Hounds MLL




Brad Jones- Mt. St. Mary’s- Hungarian National Lacrosse Team




Zac Davliakos- Loyola U Men's Lax


Matt Sindler- Colby College Men's Lax


Jake Hager- Towson U Men's Lax


Evan Greenwood- Towson U Football


Ben Goodrich- USNA Men's Lax


DJ Plumer- USNA Men's Lax


Brady Dove- USNA Men's Lax


Rachel Aus- Jacksonville U Women's Lax


Amy Abdalla- Loyola U Women’s Lax


Jordyn Frew- Fresno State U Women's Lax


Brittany Eveler- Rollins College Women's Lax


John Giuffreda- Loyola U Men's Lax


James Fromert- Mercer U Men's Lax


Matt Quinn- Mercer U Men's Lax


Kevin Metzger- Bridgewater College Men's Lax


Greg Gonzalez- St. Vincent College Men's Lax


Madison Krasko- Syracuse U Women's Soccer


Dmitry Callas- Millersville U Wrestling


Dylan Abplanalp- Susquehanna U Men's Lax


Zach Goodrich- Towson U Men's Lax


JD Beck- York College Men's Lax


Summer Abdalla- Central Michigan U Women's Lax


Jake Catron- Arizona State U Men's Lax


Kylie Haarhoff- Campbell U Women's Lax


Sarah Paul- Campbell U Women's Lax


Bradley Chambliss- Anne Arundel Community College Men's Lacrosse


Michael McCaslin- Coast Guard Academy Football and Lacrosse


Zach Smith- Campbell U Wresting


Bob Giuffreda- AACC Men's Lacrosse


Stone Boone- AACC Men's Lacrosse


Tommy Corder- AACC Men's Lacrosse


Kenny Robertson- Pfeiffer U Men's Lacrosse


Connor Flounlacker- AACC Men's Lacrosse


Samantha Bauer-Jacksonville U Women's Lacrosse





Maddie Gonzalez- Central Michigan University Women's Lax


Mikey Quinn- Mercer U Men's Lax


Luke Fromert- Mercer U Men's Lax


Melissa Judge- Franklin and Marshall College Women's Lax


Payton Beach- Virginia Tech U Women's Lax


Brittany Jacobs- Campbell U Women's Lax


Abigail Carpenter- Wake Forest University Women’s  Field Hockey


Abby Folker- George Mason Women’s Lax


Allison Theirry- SCAD Women's Lax


Aaron Grzymkowski- Towson University Football


Edy Shoop- Florida University Women's Lax


Payton Batchelder- Shenandoah U Women's Lax




Rachel Sindler-FROM Inside Lacrosse- Duke/UPenn/Princeton


Defense, Severn School (Md.), MD United East (2017)


Sindler’s a great, feisty little defender who has phenomenal footwork and defensive positioning. A good 1v1 defender, Sindler also stands off for her defensive work off-ball, as she remains on her players hands through the 8-meter and is quick to double on cutters moving through the arc.


Kaylie Boomer-Women’s Lax





Mason Naecker- Motorcross 50cc- 5th place National placement in 2013, 6th in 2014. 2014 1st Mid-Atlantic Motorcross Association Championships for 60cc.  2015 MD State Champion 65cc 7-9.


Logan Pringle- BMX Career National Wins: 11, Career National Podium Placements: 9, Career Regional Wins: 5, Career Regional Podium Placements: 6, Career State Championships: 3.  2015 Downhill 18U 2nd place national runner up/ USA Gold Best 14 y/o Downhill Slalom racer in the region.

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