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Giving The Edge Foundation has helped to support field day efforts since 2016 by providing the entire school body with t-shirts, providing volunteer support, and facilitating activities that focus on the FUN of field day! In the last few years our field day support has grown from 1 to 5 to now 9 schools in Queen Anne’s County! In 2023 we supported 9 Elementary and Middle schools, which means we positively impacted about 5,000 kids in 5 days. We facilitated 45 stations with the support of 115 volunteers and 100 of them were high school students from either Queens Anne’s County High School or Kent Island High School. We also had volunteer support from Not My Child, The Edge, the Health Department, and the Boys and Girls club. Huge THANK YOU to the Chick-Fil-A on Kent Island for providing all 115 volunteers with lunch!

We are also grateful for the amazing partnership with the Jacob Sloan Foundation, Julianne Rosela Foundation, and Not My Child for collaborating with us to create a t-shirt with meaning! The 5,000 t-shirts that were distributed with a drug free touch point on every shirt and on each sleeve representing unity and strength was Juilanne and Jacob.

Thank you again to everyone for all their support in making this year's field day support a success! We are already gearing up for next year!


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