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September Update

Our lunch and serve efforts at Kent Island High School allow students another opportunity to give back to the community. This month students helped fill 300 swag bags for Anthony's Run. In record time, students came together to support this event that brings awareness to opioid use in our county. We were so proud of everyone who helped!

On September 6th, students honored the life of Jacob Sloan. It was a privilege to be a part of and witness the impact that Jacob had and continues to have on our community. He would have been a senior this year and his peers shared special memories, wore red, and made a memory link to give to Jacob's family. His impact will live on forever!

The Foundation and the Rotary Club have partnered to provide more opportunity for our community to come together and have a larger impact. This month the foundation went the Rotary Club to speak to its members about our mission and ways to get involved and give back!

The Foundation is proud to support local schools and students again this year with our Positive Behavior Incentive program. Students are encouraged to be the best versions of themselves and each month exceptional behavior is recognized within the schools. Thank you to Tasty Toucan for partnering with us to give each recipient a free ice cream treat!

The Foundation was able to purchase supplies for our Interact Leadership Program that meets at Kent Island High School. This group meets to encourage the young leaders in our community to continue to grow and sharpen their leadership skills. We enjoy meeting with these students every month to continue to help them grow as strong individuals.


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