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Teaming Up with Not My Child QAC to Spread A Message of Positivity & Drug Prevention

Since 2016, Giving The Edge Foundation has been supporting school field days; an event in which the entire school participates in a fun day of activities and building positive memories with classmates and peers. This year, we want to make sure that the 2000 t-shirts we are donating in support of this event also have meaning behind them. That’s why Giving The Edge Foundation and Not My Child QAC 2.0 are teaming up to include a drug free touch point on every shirt. In order to make our impact come to life, we need to raise a total of $12,000. ($4,000/school including Matapeake Middle School, Kent Island Elementary School, and Bayside Elementary School) We hope you will join us by making a donation to help to spread awareness of drug prevention for youth in QAC.

About Not My Child QAC

Not My Child QAC's mission is to support opioid awareness & prevention activities in Queen Anne's County, Maryland, & provide assistance to individuals recovering & families who have lost a loved one. Learn more


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