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Field Days, Essay Contest, & more!

Interact Leadership Cohort

The Interact Leadership Cohort at Kent Island High School had to either agree or disagree to the following:

  • “73% of Gen Z report feelings of loneliness either sometimes or always”

  • “Only 45% of Gen Z report excellent or very good mental health”

They AGREED, noting many kids are withdrawn and that phones and social media ultimately impact relationships. The discussion ended in talking about making time to invest in meaningful relationships.

Lunch & Serve

Our final lunch and serve of the school year was dedicated to making Mother's Day cards for the local senior center. It is so awesome to watch the students come together to make a positive impact on the community. 

Field Day

4770 Shirts were donated this year for Field Day across 10 different schools! Seeing how each class chooses to make the shirts their own is always fun and makes for even more fun field day. 

We had the incredible opportunity to volunteer on site at several different schools this year for Field Day. The best part about these days is seeing the "older kids" helping the "younger kids" have a great time. Can't wait for next year! 

Win The Day Essay Contest

Our Win The Day Essay Contest had a great response from our Middle Schoolers.  We received over 35 essays! These contests allow us to award winners significant money to either donate to charity or use for their future. 


Caroline Gunter - Suddlersville Middle

Caroline chose to donate her winnings of $250 to the International Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressive Association to help support a family member battling this horrible condition. Their mission helps provide hope to individuals with FOP and their families through education and support programs while funding research to find a cure for the rare genetic condition Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP).

Abbigail Chapman - Stevensville Middle

Congratulations to Abbigail Chapman the winner of our Win The Day Essay contest for Stevensville Middle School! She will be donating for winnings of $250 to Make A Wish Foundation. It is always such an honor to read these essays from the students and hear how they choose to Win The Day! 

Team Bonding at The Edge

We had the privilege of facilitating a fun team bonding event for the QAC Drug Free Student Ambassadors! This outstanding group of students work together throughout the year to create a drug free environment in their schools by collaborating on ways to effectively reach their peers. Thank you to The Edge for allowing us to use the space to bring together these incredible students.


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